VISA support (The invitation for foreigners) Is a very easy and fast way to get a tourist visa , if a guest comes for a short period of time (less than a month) with one or two departures. All your questions you can ask calling this number +79117024408
You can always ask for a transfer from the airport, railway station or from the other agreed place to the hostel.
If you have only a backpack with you, but need to check your mail or social networks, you can always use our guest computer. You can also always print your tickets at the reception.
They say that it rains since 1703 in Saint-Petersburg. So if you need an umbrella you can rent it at the reception.
We have a variety of table games. And we are always happy to see how different people from different countries play together. All of them for free.
We don't have a special room for it and we don't work as a cloak room, but you can always leave your luggage , even if you come earlier or you've already checked out.
There is always a map at the reception and our administrator will help you to find interesting places, places to eat or nearest underground.
We always serve coffee at breakfast and you can drink water and tea for 24 hours.
In every dorm there are personal safes for keeping your things. You can ask for a key for a locker at the reception for a deposit of 100 RUB.
We have a hairdryer there is no need for you to bring it.
We like to have fun! We have a vodka-party, where we drink vodka and explain how to do it in a real Russian way.
We also have a kitchen where we have everything except a cooker. You can use all plates and cups, microwave, frige and drink water and tea for 24 hours.
We give you towels and linen, even is you live in a dorm.
We are waiting for you for 24 hours, so you are free to go to the night excursion or to see the bridges, we will always open you the door.
It's our small present , so there is no need to pay extra money for it. Every day from 8-10 we serve a continental breakfast. On Sundays we bake puncakes or waffles.